Drawing inspiration from lowbrow art and the "more subversive sides of culture," this Hub-based, Art Institute of Boston educated graphic artist showcases his "slightly" dark sense of humor in a bold collection of advertising-esque comic prints that depicts everything from steam punk vehicles and rock bands to circus freaks and robot workers.

Being an artist inspired by low brow art, counterculture, and design greats of the past such as the Bauhaus School, Push Pin Studios, and the DeStijl movement, Derrek creates engaging images that humor, inform, and entertain us while remaining loyal to his creative influences.

Derrek graduated as a double major achieving a degree in design and illustration. His schooling included studying abroad at the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam, Holland. In 2004 Derrek was inducted into the Society of Illustrators in New York City. He is currently employed as the Art Director and General Manager of a large format banner and flag company. Additionally, he continues his freelance work, participates in gallery exhibitions, and creates his own original art during the wee hours of the night and every free weekend.

This collection includes must-sees like the mildly disturbing Devil's Circus marquee for the Lil' Gomorrah's Haunted Doll House of Horrors; two steam punk inspired vehicles that innocently guarantee death to whom ever may operate them; and 'bot-friendly spots for the "Hi-Rise Window Cleaning" company and the fictional Local 777 Root Workers Union, who presumably aim to over their human creators.

If music is more your scene, this collection also includes a series of unofficial gig posters like one for Delta Spirit/Whiskey & Company number which depicts four revolvers and a buck dressed in a suit & tie, a vintage Americana style Buddy Miller poster, an alluring horse-mounted-Gigi LaFemme wearing pasties in the Barnyard Burlesque Benefit Show poster, and spin on Pee-Wee's playhouse depicting a few of Paul Reubens' darker personality traits.